Taurus Tattoos

Taurus Tattoos Those who are said to have a Taurus star sign are born between April 21st to May 21st. "Bulls" are typically patient, reliable, warm hearted, persistent and lovers of security. Unfortunately they are also said to be jealous, possessive and self indulgent. The symbol for Taurus is a downward pointing loop that represents the head of a bull the star sign is named after. When choosing taurus tattoos there are alot of choices for the Taurus. They can choose to have their symbol for Taurus tattooed or a bull, or they can decide to incorporate their interests into their tattoo somehow. Many taurus tattoos out there feature the symbol or glyph for the taurus sign. This can be rendered masculine in thick tribal lines, typically black. Sometimes tattoos like this have flames as a background giving a nod to the "taurus temper" visible only when taurus is provoked. Feminine tattoos featuring the taurus glyph can be rendered in flowering vines or a favorite pattern, even pink zebra tripes. Whatever chosen it should represent you and your style. Some taurus tattoos showcase a literal bull. These can be rendered stylistically in tribal or abstract fashion. This can also be done to show a realistic looking bull. Designs done in this style have the option to show a placid bull reclining in a pasture or with his fabled lover, Europa as in Greek mythology, or to show a charging angry bull. Again, whatever suits the wearer best. Many taurus tattoos choose to incorporate the wearer's interests. These tattoos can include music notes or instruments as many with this sign are lovers of music. Flowers and vines or plants of some type may manage a place in the taurus tattoo as well. This star sign sometimes has a love for gardening and plant life in general. Whichever Taurus tattoo designs you choose you should always give it alot of thought. A tattoo while a fun experience for the most part, will typically be with you forever. Research as much as possible. And while it's good to look at what others are doing for inspiration the tattoo will be that more special if it's uniquely yours.