Lily Tatoos

Lily Tattoos Lily Tattoos - Meaningful Designs and Ideas Lily tattoos are both beautiful and meaningful. They come in a vast variety of different colors and species. Star Gazer Lilies, Water Lilies, Tiger Lilies are some of the most popular types of flowers sported by not only female tattoo lovers but men aswell. Below we will be discussing some of these popular lilies tattoos below. The lily most commonly known is a long stemmed flower with large tear drop shaped petals that curl back from a horn-shaped face. When this lily is also white, it is the one strongly associated with the Christian tradition. This lily is known as the Easter lily, because of its white petals, and tendency to bloom into life after a spring rain, the symbolic connection to the story of the resurrection is quite strong.There is a legend where this lily was thought to have come from the tears of Eve as she left the Garden of Eden. There are many religilous works of art in which the Easter lily is shown held by the archangel Gabriel as he visits Mary to inform her that she will give birth to the Christ. The lilies show Mary's virgin state as well as marking the visit as a holy event. White lilies are also used in artwork depecting virgin saints, the lilies are meant to show their purity and chastity. The Easter lily is also often paired with a sword in religious artwork. Together they represent the Last Judgment, and the division between the innocent and the guilty. Something combining the two would make for a strong tattoo design. The lily is also used in a parable spoken by Jesus to demonstrate how God will provide for His people. In speaking to the thousands, Jesus said, "Consider the lilies, how they grow. They don't toil, neither do they spin; yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Luke 12:27; also Matthew 6:28) Lilies hold importance in cultures around the world. There is a Greek myth in which the lily originated from the milk of the goddess Hera as it dropped to earth (an outpouring which also said to have created the Milky Way). Several cultures also lay importance on the lily to depict different things. In Aboriginal Australia, the (Gymea) lily symbolizes courage and perseverance. In both China and Japan, the day lily is said to dispel grief. Women wear lilies to help them forget the sorrow of a loved one's departure. The Tiger Lily Tattoo A tiger lily tattoo would look much like any lily tattoo, but the petals would be a reddish-orange with tinges of yellow and spots. The coloring of this lily has a lot to do with it's name as the coloring of it resembles that of a tiger. This tattoo is an interesting choice and is generally thought to be popular among the daring and full of life. It has also been thought to be a symbol of fierceness, power and strength, because of it's connection to the tiger. The lore surrounding Tiger lilies is as interesting as those who love them. There is one Asian legend about how the Tiger lily was first created. According to this legend there was an old Korean hermit who helped a wounded tiger by removing an arrow from his body. The tiger asked the hermit to use his powers so that even death would not separate them. The hermit agreed, and as a result,when the tiger died, his body became a tiger lily. When the hermit later died by drowning his body washed away and the tiger lily spread everywhere in search for his friend. A person familiar with this legend might use a lily tattoo to symbolize a long lasting and loyal relationship. An easily recognizable lily-based icon is the FLEUR-DE-LIS (French for "lily flower"). The symbol depicts a three petaled flower (either a lily or an Iris) banded at the base. This symbol has been made popular on it's own and many people do not even realize that it is a stylized lily. The three petals were designed to reflect the Holy Trinity, the band on the bottom was to represent Mary. The saying went that without understanding Mary you could not understand the Trinity, because it was she who bore The Son. Fleur-de-Lis are also said to represent faith, wisdom, and chivary. The Fleur-de-Lis is actually an example of a lily tattoo that is worn by many men. The use of this symbol by military organizations and various sport's teams may have something to do with this. The Water Lily Tattoo The water lily is known as the Queen of the water. It is a popular choice in Asian style tattoos. A Water lily tattoo is going to look vastly different from other lily tattoos. It is a popular choice in Asian style tattoos. The water lily is more akin to a Lotus flower, then the traditional lily,as it grows on pads on top of the water. There are a number of stories and myths for this somewhat strange but beautiful plant. In an ancient Egyptian legend, legend had it Osiris (their god of the afterlife) was murdered by Seth (their god for storms, the desert and chaos), and brought back to life by the goddess Isis (Eyptian goddess of motherhood, magic and fertitlity). In one version, she brings him back as a water lily. As such, it symbolizes death and rebirth. The Egyptian Book of the Dead actually has a spell for "Transformation into the Water Lily." In Indian folklore the water lily was believed to be a star which feel to the earth and changed into a flower. The color of the water lily can change its symbolic meaning. Stemming from a Greek myth about a nymph who died of jealousy, a white lily is the "flower of chastity" and symbolizes purity and the suppression of desires. Ironically, the myth adds that, if plucked during a full moon, the white lily can also be used to cast "love magic." Blue lilies were worn as talismans to ward off demons and incite love. Similarly, the Iroquois (Native Americans) used the yellow pond lily to repel evil spirits. With such a history rooted in myth and legend it is not hard to see how a person drawn to this as a tattoo choice would be a "spiritual person" orold soul. The water lily when decided on for a as a tattoo design is also chosen because of it's beauty and is often depicted in an Asian stylized version with nicely suits the wearer's body. The color of the lily tattoo can affect the meaning trying to be conveyed. White petals have come to mean innocence and purity, while spotted pink blooms may signify sensuality; orange petals, passion. In some cultures, the shape of the flower indicates carnal love, while in some religions the lily is seen as a symbol of devotion to dogmatic faith. Lily tattoos are often times quite simple and feature either one, or a small group of this particular flower. There are many varieties of lily available to pick from when making your choice. Two of the most recognizable of this flora are the white lily and stargazer lily. The white lily tends to have a large bloom, with soft, velvety petals; tall, slender green stalks and linear leaves. The stargazer has bolder colors; the edges of the petals being lined in a bright white, while deeper in, there is a lush pink hue and red spots. Another interesting option would be the alpine lily, which is one of the smaller of these plants, and generally sports a bright orange color with purple or brown spots at the center.Of course water lilies should be among your choices when making your choice. There is no limit when choosing how to use the lily in your tattoo. Some are done in bright colors while other lily tattoos are done in interesting patterns and in more muted tones. The lily can also be done realisticaly or in a more stylized manner. For instance, the flowers may weave together to form a Celtic knot, heart, or a simple scroll work pattern. The flowers can also be bundled together in varying shades of either color, or black, white and gray. The flowers look well on their own or when paired with living creatures, real or imaginary. There are countless ways in which the lily can be featured in a tattoo design. Lilies tend to have a variety of meaning; however, they are also an extraordinary choice for their aesthetic beauty and style. Whether you pick it because it means something to you symbolicly or for a more personal reason, a lily tattoo is often a lovely way to get your point across.